Off Grid Inverter

Off grid inverters allow solar power systems to disconnect from the electric grid


  • Made by Must manufactory
  • Built in MPPT solar Controller 40/60A
  • Compatible with Sceco Grid and all types of generators
  • High efficiency design & power saving mode to conserve energy
  • Data logger to save the productivity from solar panels
  • Display Screen to appear Instantaneous system data such as (Solar panel productivity, solar panel voltage, Battery capacity , Battery voltage
  • Include Bypass Diode to give the panels the priority to produce the needed power instead of consume it from batteries
  • Supporting RS232 Communication, AGS, BTS Port

Rated power:

  • 1 Kw with dimension of (426x206x178mm)
  • 2 Kw with dimension of (423x247x197mm)
  • 3 Kw with dimension of (423x247x197mm)
  • 5 Kw with dimension of (597x247x197mm)


  • Made by Huafu Manufactory
  • Lead Acid Gel
  • One Year Warranty

Available Capacities:

  • 100 Amp 12v
  • 150 Amp 12v
  • 200 Amp 12v