SLE Solar Land Energy • ABOUT US

About Solar Land Energy 

We offer our customers solutions, innovations, and technical support services related to solar energy. Our goal is to provide alternative energy options to reduce capital consumption and increase profits, based on the principle of “offers and solutions.” We aim to closely demonstrate to our customers how our services can help in achieving their financial goals. 


SLE Solar Land Energy • ABOUT US
In line with our commitment to work for the benefit of our nation and in accordance with the 2030 Vision of His Majesty King Salman bin Abdulaziz and His Royal Highness Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, and with our ambition to make our environment clean and safe, we decided to establish the Solar Energy Company in March 2015. 
This company was not just an idea, but it was built on strategic plans that were characterized by determination, competitiveness, and perseverance, which qualifies it to achieve its future vision. 
Based on a study of the Saudi job market, it became clear how much citizens need to use solar energy and their real and urgent desire to activate this alternative energy system. Therefore, actual work began in implementing solar energy projects in the best way possible, thanks to a distinguished group of specialized engineers with high experience in the field of solar energy. 
At Solar Energy Company, we derive our strength from the efficiency of our team, which includes administrators, engineers, and technicians, and we always strive to dedicate ourselves to serve our customers with full commitment to apply all professional safety and security instructions. 
Our goal is to achieve our vision of making the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia one of the most important and largest countries in the use of renewable and alternative energy, and for Solar Energy Company to be the leader in the field of solar energy in our beloved country. 
Together, we can achieve the 2030 Vision. 
Chairman of Solar Energy Company, 
Engineer Khaled Al-Harbi 
December 2017 


Our Vision is to provide businesses and individuals with affordable solar energy systems that are efficient, sustainable, and environmentally friendly, while maintaining the highest levels of quality, safety, and performance, while ensuring customer satisfaction. 


Our objectives are to elevate our company to become the most trusted and pioneering in the field of solar energy in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, thanks to our human resources, excellence in engineering services, community care, and environmental stewardship.